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im Ashley

As a certified suicide crisis counselor, I sit in the darkest moments of people’s lives with them. 

Through my experience in working with people who are suffering and going through my own suffering, I have developed a tool box to transform these negative emotions that hold us back. My path of healing has taken many different forms from traditional therapy to Eastern and South American modalities.

My superpower is to shake things up and crack open what’s dark, stagnant and stale.

 I look into emotions and dig beneath the surface that people spend their whole life suppressing. I’m on a relentless journey of individuality to find my own voice independent of family, society and culture. This journey has led me to help others find their voice as well.

My personal journey with guilt and shame, which at the time sucked, ultimately was the greatest catalyst for my healing.

It wasn’t until I went through a big loss that I had to face grief head on. I had to show up and do the work. Now I help others stop side stepping the pain and do the work. If we don’t show up for ourselves, no one else will. Choose you. Let’s do this together! To learn more check out my podcast below.

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