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Into The Dawn

A provactive podcast that looks at all things taboo, such as grief, addictions, suicide, sex, intimacy and more.  Each week, I talk with people who successfully investigate their areas of interest.  We discuss how they overcame adversity and the ways in which they work to share that wisdom with others. 


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episode 41

12 Essential Questions to Tell One's Life Story

In this episode I chat with, Rabbi Steve Leader. We discuss his new book, For You When I'm Gone. Listen in to learn the 12 essential questions we must ask ourselves in order to leave a legacy for our loved ones.


episode 40

French Culture and the Art of Pleasure

In this episode I chat with, Aurelie Galois and Christian Lima, on French culture. Tune in to learn how the French view pleasure, art, and an overall mindset.


episode 39

Pronouns and Everything in Between

In this episode I chat with, Janae Marie Kroc, on Pronouns and gender fluidity. Listen in to understand what is behind people using pronouns, what transgender means, and whats most important for people to know about the community.


episode 38

Insomnia and Sleep Disorders

In this episode I chat with, Meredith Broderick, on sleep disorders. Tune in to learn about what causes insomnia and the multitude of other sleep disorders, and tools to use in order to heal it.


episode 37

Parallel universes and Aura colors

In this episode with I chat with, Pam Oslie, author and intuitive in helping those creating more joy filled successful lives.  Listen in to learn what aura colors are and how knowing your's can help you on your souls path, what parallel universes are and why knowing your children's colors will help you have a closer relationship.


episode 36

Ketamine infusions and metal health

In this episode I chat with Alli Waddell, co-founder of Illumma, a premiere ketamine infusion clinic in Austin Texas.  Tune in to learn how ketamine infusions can help suicidal ideation, depression, anxiety and pain management. 


episode 35

Testosterone versus Estrogen

Continuing my conversation with John Gray, we dive into all the tools one needs to understand testosterone and estrogens roles when it comes to connecting.  Tune in to learn how to heal your emotions, connect deeper with your partner, and why boundaries are so important.


episode 34

Why men and women need space

 In this two part episode I chat with John Gray, author of Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus.  Tune in to better understand how to have a deeper connection with the opposite sex, why testosterone and estrogen are pivotal to understand, and ultimately what makes relationships last or fall apart. 


episode 33

Anxiety is for the living, peace is for the dying

In this episode, I chat with Rabbi Steve Leder, author of The Beauty of What Remains.  Listen in to learn how death can teach us about living, why honest conversations are imperative for healing and what grief actually looks like.


episode 32

Smart funny tortured

In this episode, I chat with Paul Chamberlain the cofounder of Cerebral Itch Agency.  Tune in to hear how his breakdown has led him to the understanding of how the old modality of business no longer works, and how the new modality can sustain you.


episode 31

If you're not laughing, you're crying

In this episode I talk with Lisa Sundstedt, a writer and comedian.  Listen in to hear her how her struggle growing up without the love she desired created trauma which led to addictions, and how she uses that to fuel her comedy and help many women fulfill their dreams.


episode 30

Ayahuasca and the aftermath

 In this episode, I chat with Kat Courtney, who has experienced ayahuasca over 1,000 times.  Tune in to learn is it a drug or a medicine, what it’s designed for, what can be expected when drinking it, and some of the negative effects that can occur.


episode 29

Predators: pedophiles and their victims

In this episode, I chat with Dr. Anna Salter who has a Ph.D in clinical psychology.  Listen in to hear why predators and pedophiles act, how to look for the signs, and what all parents need to know in order to keep their children safe.


episode 28

How to be a Badass in the kitchen

In this episode, I talk with Elana Horwich, the author of Meal and a Spiel.  Tune in to hear Elana's experience with psychedelics, depression and anxiety, and moving into an intuitive chef who creates love and connection with her food.


episode 27

Ending forced marriages and honour abuse/killings

In this episode, I chat with Jasvinder Sanghera, a survivor of forced marriage.  Listen in to hear Jasvinder's visceral experience of why she was disowned at age 16 for standing up for what she thought was right, and why the honour system should no longer be in place.


episode 26

Sustaining Relationships with self, partner, and kids during challenging times

In this episode, I chat with Lauren Dummit Schock, a licensed marriage, family therapist, and addiction therapist.  Tune in to learn why novelty in relationships is a must and how to keep it, how to deal with kids distant learning, and tools to navigate depression.


episode 25

Sex: how to take it from good to great

In this episode, I talk with Ken Blackman, who is a sex and intimacy coach.  We dive into why men want sex and women want love is wrong.  Why women need to speak up and be willing to hurt the male ego, and what men want, but don't consciously know.


episode 24

Open love 101- Swinging lifestyle

In this episode, I chat with John and Jackie Melfi about their open/swinging lifestyle.  We discuss how their relationship works, what it looks like to be with a play partner, and how this lifestyle choice has created the deepest emotional intimacy either one of them has experienced.


episode 23

Wrongfully Incarcerated - Life lessons learned

In this episode, I talk with Franky Carillo, who was wrongfully convicted of two life sentences for murder.  Tune in to hear his story and how he learned the most important life lessons in prison.


episode 22

Surviving female genital mutilation

In this episode, I talk with Asha Ismail, who underwent FGM at age 5.  Listen in to hear her story, why this is still being practiced and how she's dedicated her life to end it. 


episode 21

Anxiety, depression, PTSD and the tools to cope

In this episode, I talk with Dr. Kate Wolitzky-Taylor, who is a clinical psychologist with 20 years of expertise in anxiety and related disorders.  Tune in to learn how to manage anxiety, depression, PTSD, OCD and hypochondria.


Episode 20

Getting comfortable with being uncomforatable

 In this episode, I talk with Paul VanDevelder, an author, journalist and writer.  Listen in to hear Paul’s story on how he navigated through a career in journalism, to becoming an alcoholic and drug addict, and how he came through on the other side.  


Episode 19

Reiki healing and tarot cards for spiritual healing

In this episode, I interview Ginger Pullman, a Los Angeles based reiki healer and tarot card reader.   Listen in to learn tools to keep your mental, emotional and spiritual health fine tuned.


Episode 18

Losing a loved one to suicide

In this episode, I interview Jayne Amelia Larson.   Listen in to hear how her brother's suicide left her and her family with shame, guilt, isolation and now 40 years later, she is finally dealing with it.


Episode 17

Sex trafficking revealed and one woman's fight to end it

In this episode, I interview Dr. Lois Lee.  Tune in to hear her journey, from rescuing 250 girls off the street and giving them a home, to creating solutions globally to end sex trafficking.


Episode 16

Being a black police officer at this pinnacle time

In this episode, I interview lieutenant Jerald Pryor.   Listen in to hear him share his experience as a black police officer and the solutions he thinks it'll take to end police brutality.


Episode 15

The pressure to be thin

In this episode, I interview Elizabeth J. Carlisle.   Tune in to hear her raw experience with anorexia and how her eating disorder has effected her career.


Episode 14

Dissecting toxic masculinity and how to transform it

In this episode, I interview Kerry Rhodes.  As an ex NFL football player, he was immersed in the toxic culture of a boys' club.  Listen in to hear Kerry share what that culture was like, how he knew it was toxic and how he challenges that paradigm with his mindset now.


Episode 13

Divided Science on Covid-19

In this episode, I interview Dr. Jeffrey Barke.  He shares his narrative and 30 years experience as a primary care doctor.  Tune in to hear what Dr. Barke's take is on the lockdown, incentives from government, what would should do to ensure our mental and physical well being through this pandemic and more.


Episode 12

The ego can work for us or against us

In this episode, I interview Lisa Haisha, a TV Host, Author, Business & Life Coach, Global Influencer.   Listen in to catch Lisa’s powerful journey as she shares her solutions to overcoming the ego by using the imposter model in order to move forward in your life with clarity.


Episode 11

Exploring Ayahuasca and it's taboos

In this episode, I interview Dr. Jeff McNairy.  Tune in to hear Jeff share the truth about this plant medicine and how it effects your emotional and mental health.


Episode 10

What life as a CIA officer truly looks like

In this episode, I interview Darrell Blocker.  Listen in to hear Darrell share how he caught terrorists, what terrorists really want and his journey in the CIA for 32 years.


Episode 9

Sexual Assault and healing tools

In this episode, I interview Melissa Barker.  Tune in to hear Melissa share her encounter with sexual assault and how her trauma fueled her to create an online community for survivors, who are struggling.


Episode 8

Being transgender and breaking taboos

In this episode, I interview Janae Marie Kroc.  Listen in to hear Janae's story of how she hid most of her life, to now living her truth as a transgender women and how it's impacted herself and others.

Peace abstract alone background bird chr

Episode 7

The Process of grieving: Acceptance

In this episode, I interview certified grief counselor, Fran Solomon.  Tune in to learn about the inevitable pain associated with loss, and the tools to help us move through it gracefully.


Episode 6

The million dollar question: how do we fall in love?

In this episode I interview Lauren Dummit, a licensed sex therapist, sex addiction therapist and trauma therapist.  Tune in to take a deep dive into all the things we need to know about trauma, addictions, sex, and lasting love.


Episode 5

The cause can be the cure- Optimal Health

In this episode, I interview the certified health nut, Troy Casey.  Join us to learn about the 9 pillars for optimal health, and immediate tools you can start implementing into your life.


Episode 4

what is True intimacy and how do we get it?

 In this episode I interview Roman Wyden, an intimacy coach.  Vulnerabilty, cheating, open relationships, we unpack it all . Tune in to get in’s and out’s to creating more fulfilling relationships.

Image by zaya odeesho


Priest and the sexual trauma 

In this episode, I interview Father Brian Reedy.  Take a deep dive into the life of a priest, and listen in to find out why there's so much sexual abuse inside the Catholic Church.

Image by Vince Fleming


Relating to Narcissism in a different way

In this episode, I interview Dr. Kate Balestrieri, Licensed Psychologist and Certified Sex Therapist. Listen as we unpack everything you need to know about narcissism.  Why narcissists are the most fragile individuals and Is there a difference between confidence and narcissism? 

Image by Luis Galvez


the opposite of suicide is connection

In this episode, I interview Brian Stefan, a certified suicide counselor, who has worked with the LA mayor's crisis response team and suicide response team.  Tune in as we dive into what is underneath suicide and the solutions to help cure this misunderstood taboo.

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