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Understanding Parallel Universes, Aura Colors, and Quantum Physics with Pam Oslie

Pamala Oslie is the founder of Aura Colors, a site designed to help you create success, joy, and fulfillment in every area of your life. She also developed Love Colors, with the aim of helping you find love and friendship by matching you with others who have compatible aura colors. She has what she calls an “expanded consciousness,” and others may call her a psychic or a clairvoyant. Pam likes to put it more simply: she can see and understand energy fields.

She has written many successful books including Life Colors, Love Colors, Infinite You, and Make Your Dreams Come True. Pam has spoken at TEDx, the International Forum on New Science, and many other seminars for professionals in psychology, education, healthcare, and more. She has appeared on the Dr. Oz Show, The View, The Ricki Lake Show, and many other television and radio shows.

I welcomed Pam on the podcast and it was a very exciting episode for me. Not only have I known her for a long time, but I have always been fascinated with what’s beyond us. We had an enlightening conversation, and covered topics like aura colors, parallel universes and how to access them, her thoughts on Covid, and more.

What are aura colors?

To understand what aura colors are, it’s important to first mention that it’s all about energy. Quantum physics says that we are all made of energy, and we radiate energy. That’s how Pam experiences and interprets the aura. Our aura colors are the energy that our soul puts out into the world.

There are several bands of color that radiate from a person. Pam says that in her experience, the one or two bands of color that are closest to a person’s body are their life colors. Those typically don’t change in this lifetime — they reveal a person’s life purpose that they’ve chosen for this lifetime. This includes their personality type, needs, priorities, potential health issues, what their families will look like, how they are with money, if they like to travel, etc. The outer bands will change all the time. If you’re angry, you’ll have a red band, if you’re relaxed, it will turn yellow.

The two colors that are closest to the body are also called the life colors. Pam explains that when we decided to come to this planet, we had a plan and an idea of who we wanted to be and what experiences we wanted to have. When we do reach earth, we tend to forget all of these plans, but our souls leave us “breadcrumbs” to follow. One of these breadcrumbs is our aura colors.

These colors aren’t meant to limit us; in fact, they’re there to validate what we’ve always sensed about ourselves deep down. They can help us treat others with respect and connect deeper without judgment.

Pam can see 14 different aura colors but mentions that others may see more or less. She separates them into three different categories:

  • Physical. People who are touchy-feely, like animals and being out in nature: Red, orange, magenta, yellow

  • Mental. People who are analytical, logical, and like data and numbers: Tan (four different types), green

  • Spiritual. People who are emotional, intuitive, and have a strong inner vision: Blue, violet, indigo, crystal, lavender

Each aura color has a very different personality type — what works for one doesn’t usually work for another.

Knowing your aura colors can really help you get clear on your life path. It can be really validating — which I experienced myself. When I worked with Pam, I felt seen, I felt validated. We all struggle with what family, friends, and society projects on us. Her words never left my head: if I veer off my path, it won’t feel good. When I do follow my path, it makes me feel alive.

The pandemic and our changing world: Don’t be afraid

When asked about her thoughts on Covid and the pandemic, Pam says that she knew a big change had been on the horizon for years, but she just didn’t know what it would be. There was going to be a big shift —- a shift that could be compared to the fall of the Roman Empire. At that time, we entered the Dark Ages and were ushered there by another pandemic, the plague. From there came the Renaissance. Pam affirms that our society and world are on the cusp of a Renaissance of their own.

After years of dealing with the 21st century’s pandemic, this new Renaissance will involve consciousness, spirituality, and awareness. Something is shifting, and it’s shifting quite dramatically.

Pam’s perspective of the purpose of Covid is that it happened to get people to stop. To go inside, be quiet, and connect with the sense of who we really are. It urged many of us to stop and reconsider our priorities. It was a moment to really take a good look at what we came to this universe to do. To get back to the path that our souls chose for us before we were born.

While this can all sound scary and intimidating, it’s important that we approach this shift with confidence and without fear. It’s about digging deeper into our connection with our own souls. How? Pam says, “Go inside and listen to your soul. Listen to your intuition. Listen to something deeper.”

Creating the life you want with parallel universes

Now that you know that aura colors are all about energy, it’s time to dive deeper into quantum physics and parallel universes. Pam is living proof that you can manifest exactly what you want from life if you use these other universes to create the life you want.

Quantum physics consciousness is the idea that our thoughts and beliefs affect matter — it takes energy and turns it into it. This concept is also called the Law of Attraction or visualization. Pam likes to explain the idea through an analogy. Imagine that you’re in a room and there are several radio stations that are broadcasting around you. You may not even realize that some of them are there because you’re not tuned into them. You can go to your radio and tune into station 99.9 and that becomes your reality. You are free to change the dial and turn to, say, station 101. Now whatever comes out is your new reality. 99.9 still exists, you’re just no longer listening to it.

Parallel universes work the same way. You may be living your life in a certain way in a certain place, but quantum physics believers say that there are multiple versions of yourself and your life out there. Every time that you have a choice to make and you make one instead of the other, that “other” still exists in another universe. It split because you had the thought of it. It became reality somewhere, but you’re just not aligned, or tuned into, that one.

If you want to tap into these other universes so that you end up with whatever it is you want, it’s important to get rid of any beliefs you may have that don’t line up with your ideal life. Pam once met a man who she really liked, but believed didn’t want to be with her. She shifted that belief, meditated on it, and eventually called the person in question. They’ve now been together for over 30 years. This is of course an oversimplification (tune into the podcast episode where she discusses how she did it in length), but you get the idea. Your thoughts can become your life.

The biggest takeaway I got from my conversation and work with Pam is this: we have an infinite number of choices. We are loving, adventurous, light-filled soul beings that are here to have fun, to have experiences, to love, and to share. Once I understood my own aura colors and the possibilities that come along with them, I felt that the sky was the limit. I encourage you to take a closer look at your own — you’ll soon understand everything you’re capable of too.

You can visit Aura Colors to learn more, and if you want to hear more from Pam Oslie, be sure to listen to our full conversation here.


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